Sending Note On commands on different song states?


(probably) Stupid question.
I want to send Note On commands when a state is loaded. Works fine, but I want to have different Note On commans when ANOTHER state is loaded.

How can I do that?

At the moment I did this:
Source: Song States
On Load
Target (Kontakt Player)
Action: Note 25
(and I did the same thing for note off)

The problem is… this binding works on every different song states (but I need different notes on different states) I can’t bypass the Binding on other song states… because then the binding will be switches off completely.

Any ideas?



Hi Fank,

On your existing binding find the state behaviors check box for ‘Enabled’ and select it. Then copy the binding and paste it under your first one and then edit only the note number. Go to the first state and enable the first binding and disable the second. Then go the the second state and do the opposite by enabling the second binding and disabling the first. Now when you switch the binding with the right note will be married to the state you choose. Repeat for each new state/note.


Perfect! Thanks!
(I had that behavior thing in mind, but I couldn’t find it… as I was in Live mode and it doesn’t show up)

But… next problem. 0:-)

Somehow I can’t save the enabled/disabled switch:

I tried to update the state and saved the file… but it seem to always reset itselfs? What iam doing wrong?


Ah! I think I found the problem.
(I had to click on every binding seperately and check the “enabled”) Ha! :slight_smile: