Sending “MSB.LSB.PC” changes with Rack States

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Hello, all!

I did a search for this and it looked like the issue was corrected in 2016. :thinking:

I’m trying to set up a binding for RACK STATES so I can send program changes to External Hardware. I have the Native Patches on 0.0.0 - 127, the Second Bank on 0.1.0 - 127 and the
Third Bank on 0.2.0 - 127. The Banks are selected by a Hardware button, but they can also be selected by a Banked Program Change - using 0.1.* and 0.2.* - If I try to go back to a STATE using 0.0.*, it stays in the previous bank because the first bank only sends PC numbers.

Hopefully, I was able to describe this in a way that shows what is happening.

Can I force the STATES to display 0.0.*?



Hey Doug,

My testing shows that the banked PG change binding sends a banked 0.0.* message even though it shows only a 1 in the box after you type the other entry in. The 0 bank on a banked PG change binding like this only needs the program number entered and the other 0.0. is generated by C3. I don’t know if this is what’s going on with this thought this might be relevant.

Could you give more info on the External Hardware in use here?




I now have it working, but am not sure what fixed it. :thinking:

Now, to find out what caused it to not work! If I can duplicate the issue, I’ll let you know.


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