Sending MIDI data to Beatstep Pads on Song Load

I was wondering if it is possible to send MIDI data to an Arturia Beatstep on song load (in a song set). I use the pads to enable instruments and it would be nice to be able to set both the Cantabile notes route and its associated pad to “off” in a reliable way so each song is a blank slate ready to select the first instrument. I recall someone talking about doing that, but I can’t find the thread.

It would seem that a state would take care of the Cantabile side; what about the hardware (Beatstep) side?
Has anyone done something similiar?

Yep. I have several controllers with pads. I use them to change states, change to next song, previous state, and disconnect/connect midi input routes. Understand when you do this, most pads use Channel 10, which will be necessary in your bindings. Basically do a “learn” on what you want to bind. If you need help, let us know.



Here are a few of my bindings:

Your pads will produce a note instead of CC numbers. You will also need to use a suppress filter if your controller is playing thru a vst. I use the bindings in my background rack, so it is universal for every song. Hope I understood what you are seeking.

Thanks Corky for the screen shots.

Actually, I have the bindings created already and it works great. My question is: can I trigger a signal back to an external hardware device (Beatstep) to reset the state of each pad to “OFF”. There are 16 pads programmed to MIDI channels 1-16. When I load a song it would be nice if I could toggle each pad to “OFF” so I would be ready for the new song ( instead of having to do it manually which takes more time)

Is there an event that is triggered during song load that I can use to trigger processing? Or can a state be triggered on song load?