Sending information to keyboard LCD display

I was thinking about having the opportunity to send text information on master keyboard LCD display.

I my case, I use Arturia Keylab88. It’s possible to write some text on 2 lines x16 LCD display simply using Sysex messages:

**F0 00 20 6B 7F 42 04 00 60 01    74657374    00 02      6b6579626f617264204c4344                00 7F F7**

Text has to be converted to hex.

74657374 (line 1)

6b6579626f617264204c4344 (line 2)

Brad … do you think would be useful to integrate that in Cantabile ?? My idea is to send information about songs/states names.

Let me know what do you think about it …


Hello oktogon,
The sysex builder already has expressions that can be used to display song titles and state names. So by adding a binding in the background rack that’s triggered by song state load, you can achieve your goal:

Select ‘sysex’ from the action drop-down list and double click to display the sysex builder.

Then include the sysex code above.
1st line represents manufacturer, model and command
2nd line picks the first 16 characters from a standard Cantabile variable for SongName,
3rd line represents 2nd line on the display
4th line picks the first 16 characters from a standard Cantabile variable for State.

Hope this helps,

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Great ! Thanks a lot …

Is there a way to send this sysex binding an event or a controller ?? (e.g when a key or controller is activated)

If you want to change the display when pressing a controller or note, you should change the source of the binding.
If you didn’t allready, make sure you watch the walkthrough tutorial on the bindings subject, which is a great introduction in the bindings-concept.