Send Sysex variable for every state and binding

Hello …
what I need to do is inserting a string inside a Sysex message with a differnt value for every state.
I know that I can use state name as a variable but I need to use a custom string.
The best would be to use binding Notes field but this is not possible.
Any hints ??

I think the way you’ve got it is the only way to do it (I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong), in that you’ve got a seperate binding for each state, and the states select which binding is fired. That way, you have each text string for each state.

Am I understanding right, because that seems to be the way you’ve got it set up already…


Thanks for your answer.
The problem is that Sysex code is in ACTION and action does not have a State Behaviour flag, so I can’t change text for each state or not ??

Yes, but you can set each binding to be on or off in each state (you have the enabled flag set already) and it will only fire the enabled one(s) when you select each state…

Yes, I know that I can do that way but I have to duplicate a lot of bindings for each state.
A smarter solution will be really appreciated.
If only I could get notes field content I will sort it out …

Turns out this was trivial to add. Will be in the next build 3663


That’s really great !!
Thanks Brad for your attention !

Hi Oktogon,

Can you let me know how you use this when it’s working? I’m having fun myself with the sysex thing, be good to see how others are using it…



my intention is to use Cantabile with TouchOSC layout. I built some custom buttons (like 16-pads on master keyboard). Using sysex I can change labels and colors. Since Cantabile is not supporting OSC I decided to use sysex messages and OSCmatrix to translate sysex to Osc.

If you are interested in, I will give you more details. Anyway, once I sort it out I will post files and screenshots on this forum.

Experimental build 3663 up now has this.


Thanks for this, Brad. I use the Sys-Ex feature to populate the display panels over my X-Touch control surface’s meters.

This new ability has me thinking about more uses!

I really hope that Dan eventually gives me dynamic text boxes in MIDI Designer and then, coupled with this, we will see some real fireworks!