Send program change TO Novation Impulse

I had a weird thing happen the other day and am trying to find a way to ensure it doesn’t happen again, and improve flexibility.

Is there a way to send a program change TO a Novation impulse? I’d like to:
a. Ensure that the impulse is on the correct program
2. I’d like to change the Novation program based on the use. For example, I’d like to have a standard program used for most stuff, , but when I go to an organ patch (VB3), I’d change the Novation preset to one where the sliders are drawbars, etc.

Thanks in advance -

Hi Pat, I’ve been looking at your problem but it seems from the MIDI implementaion chart for the Impulse that receiving Progarm change is not recognized. It’s only sent.
I guess you could set up MIDI mapping from Cantabile so that on a particular song the faders operate for ewxample on an organ patch the drawbars and then when you switch to a synth they map to other controls.

Have just tested that. In the organ vst I mapped the faders to drawbars and saved the rack. Then in the synth I mapped a cpoiuple of the faders to filter frequency and resonance again saved the rack. I was then able to switch between the songs and the faders operated as I wanted in each song.
Hope that helps

Thank you. I’ll give that a try…