Send MIDI Clock in Stop Mode

@Brad has just registered this, thanks, Brad, as I have raised it again on the Fixing Cantabile’s Biggest Gripe Topic (as it is my biggest gripe), but I thought I would start a separate thread rather then take the thread I raised it on off topic.

I have raised this before, and I keep thinking surely (and don’t call me Shirley) I cannot be the only person with this request?

So the new request is Ability to send MIDI Clock even when transport is stopped

Please do upvote it if you think the same way as me… :slight_smile:

Why I do gripe about lack of this?

For me it is important as I work a lot with tempo synced external synths as well as VSTs.

Consider the case where the last song was in a certain BPM, and when I select a new song that song’s BPM is different. But the synths do not get that new BPM until the song starts, and you thus get artefacts like delay glitches whilst the synth’s sync is settling down.

If the MIDI clock tempo change was active immediately on Song change (and assuming you are not playing anything) then the synths will have time to settle down before I start playing the song.


Just upvoted this :wink:

My use-case is setting the tempo for my vocal delays on my VoiceLive 3. Haven’t yet found anything in software that comes remotely close to the capabilities of the VL3 when it comes to generating the right harmonies directly from what I’m playing on piano or guitar…

I can have the VL 3 follow MIDI tempo, but for that, I currently need to have global transport running to send the clock out via MIDI.

At the moment, I have a set of two bindings in songs that use vocal delay:

  • first binding starts global transport on song load
  • second binding automatically stops transport 3 seconds after song load.

@Derek, this might also help you with your issues until @brad gets to implementing a better way. Depends on how you set up your backing tracks (linked to global transport or not).

But I find this solution clumsy myself, and it will interfere with any media players that rely on master transport, so I’d prefer to have the ability to send MIDI clock in stopped transport mode.

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Yay! At least I am not alone, and there are at least two of us (including a power user)! :slight_smile:

I have done something similar on transport bindings, but would prefer not to, and quite often I have songs where I am play a freeform intro before I want to hit the transport, and the issue is depending on how long the intros are (I do like Prog remember :wink: ) is how much tempos will drift by, whereas they would not if MIDI Clock was sent all the time.

I liked the idea you mentioned on the other thread about making it song specific. That would work for me.

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I’ve bumped this up the priority list.


Thanks, @brad. If there is one thing I really want to see in Cantabile, it is this, and it will make a huge difference for a complex rig that has external synths as well as VSTs. :slight_smile:

Coming soon:


@brad that is fantastic news. :slight_smile:

Looking at your “coming soon” list on Trello, you’ve been pretty busy! :slight_smile:


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Thanks very much, just noticed it is in the latest build. Have downloaded it and tried it quickly before shutting down for the night. Whilst I have not ran any songs, flicking through the songs, I can see my hardware synths responding to the tempo of the song without running the transport.

Thanks very much for this early Christmas present. That was THE one feature I really wanted to see. :slight_smile:

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