Send 'Local Off' after loading C3


Trying to find a way to send the ‘Local Off’ command when first loading C3. Just one thing less to remember. Thought maybe it could be done from the background rack when first loaded or alternatively using a quick key. Can’t find a way to send a the string though. Anybody know if it can be done.


Hi Doobopuk,
Why not put it in the background rack to trigger on song load? It wouldn’t hurt to do this more than once. It’s controller number 122. I guess some keyboards don’t support it though.


Thanks John for the quick reply. I’ve looked at that but I need to send the string ‘Bn 7A 00’.


Done it.
Song : On load : Output Port - external synth : Ch 1 : Controller 122 : 0

I’ll put this in the rack so it’s send it for every song just to be sure.