Send cc message while song plays

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I`ll get straight to the point , is it possible to send a cc message while a song in the media player is playing .What I’m trying to achieve is to send cc messages to my helix to control snapshots and different effect settings i.e. turn down a delay at a certain point in a song . Am I correct in thinking this can be done with a midi file that has been created in a DAW and placed in a media file player in cantabile . If this is correct I’m not sure how to set up the binding for this . Any advice help appreciated .

I do precisely this, based on time positions in the Timeline.

I tend to use the ‘Is in range’ binding option, since this lets me jump to a time position in rehearsal and have my Helix (and other devices/plug-ins) follow.

I’m using the full version of Cantabile. This ability might be dependent on the version you are using.

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Hi The_Elf
Thanks for responding , I’m new to cantabile still learning the ropes. Could you explain how you set this up .

Do you understand bindings?

yes basic understanding I’ve watched the set of videos on the cantabile site .

Then just add an ‘Is in range’ song binding and set this to cover the Timeline range where you want a certain patch to be selected - then set the target of that binding as a patch change to your Helix.

Here’s a quick example:

Thanks for that just one question how do you get the time positions after the is in range to change my stay on 11.000

how do i change these numbers?

You should be able to just click on the field and type in a new value. If that’s not happening then something is wrong, and beyond that I can’t guess. Works fine here.

ok thanks for your help you put me on the right path

Im using a pod hd pro and use ccs to control it.
I just put the desired message into a midi track that sends to the pod.

Its a bit of a pain, but you can even use an fbv pedal connected to do many things using bindings like start songs, light dmx lights etc.