Selected text with "handles" - can I turn that off?

Guess this is one for @brad: when I select text in edit boxes on my “Live Cube”, it gets selected with “handles”:
which is really difficult to see and handle and causes a lot of mess-ups for me when editing…

All my other systems (Win 10 and Win 11) show selections the traditional way:
which is also a bit difficult to see in dark mode (the blue could be a bit brighter so selections are clearer), but more what I’d expect and less error-prone.

I assume this is because my LiveCube has a touch screen attached? But since I never do text editing on a touch screen using my fat fingers, this is completely useless to me, so I’d love to be able to turn this off and have “normal” text selection.

And if I could get a selection color with better contrast, I’d appreciate that even more :wink: . I suspect I could even set that somewhere in the themes files - maybe someone can point me in the right direction?



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Hey @Torsten,

Yeah, never really been happy with those selection handles but they work well on large text fields. Leave it with me I’ll figure something out. (Might be a couple of days, deep in bindings work atm - ping remind me if necessary :slight_smile: ).



just an idea: if the selected text was higlighted (with a decent-contrast-color) in addition to the handles, this would already be an improvement…