Selected State Change Program not working

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with a rather simple setup where intermittently a program change is NOT triggered following a state changed.

  • I have a song with 2 states.
  • Each state has been given a number corresponding to a patch in a shared rack Kontakt plugin. I simply want to move patch into Kontakt based on song state
  • I trigger a state change by pressing a pedal.
  • Upon each state change I have setup a program change in the Shared rack Kontakt plugin

Essentially and generally first time I move to the song, but in this video it was on second time (poen for the People)… the program change is NOT triggered properly. I recorded a full video and detailed log showing this behavior with midi monitor. We can see clearly that for whatever reason the first time it works ok with controller pedal followed by a program change (0) or (1) in the video. And the second time, it fails triggering the program change despite that the Controller pedal is well detected. I’m at loss as to what the problem could be and welcome any help from guru master :slight_smile:

Thanks for any guidance on what I am doing wrong ?

Video, log and song here :!Aq6OEbdqlT3cjK1jzGeWtahbFC9jPw


Interesting. This could be a bug for @brad to look at.

In the meantime, you could try instead of “Selected state program” as your binding source, using “On load”, and then put a target value in the binding as 0 or 1, for your two song states defined by state behaviour (so ensure “Target” state behaviour is set on the binding). I would think in theory, the two approaches should do the same, but you never know…worth a try anyway.


…i am sorry but what is the Problem here ??

The Song is changing on Mouseclick…
And the State switches on Pedal-Controller from State 1 to Next State


Bindings are set to send program changes to Kontakt on song state change, but some are missing randomly.

Hi Neil

Hum…trying to understand your workaround :slight_smile: If I put an OnLOad for the selected state as part of the song bindings… how can I use different values based on the song state as clearly I want 2 patches in this cases. Or is it I can have different binding per each song states ? Will search for that as was not aware.

I tried as well to change thekontakt plugin state behavior and use the selected program state behavior instead of sending a program change on a song state change but not able to make this work. Need to read more …


You can use a single binding, but with a different value depending on which state you’re in.

If you click on the binding, and select “Target” in the state behaviour panel, the target of the binding (which includes the program change value) will be dependent on song state. In other words, once that’s set, if you enter a program change value in the first state, and a second program change value in the second state, when you alternate between the two states, you’ll see the program change value change. This is the essence of state behaviours…

Not sure why trying to use “Selected program” state behaviour with your Kontakt plugin didn’t work. That’s the standard way to choose plugin presets or rack states, driven by song states. Perhaps it’s a peculiarity with Kontakt. Do you have your Kontakt programs arranged in a bank?


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OKAY , Found it and… this workaround works superb !!! No more issues at all

For other : Indeed a song binding can be sing-state dependent. So I have 2 song state Onload set for each song state sending a different program change. The state behavior need to be set to enabled for the 2 and then zyou disable one or the other for each song state.

This simply solved it, until what I believe is a bug gets resolved one day :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot as I’m using Cantabile live and to be honest not being certain that the program change was issued was scary at times. This was the only song as I had other workaround but this is simply removing a major issue for me.

By the way Cantabile used I live gig is a beauty ! Superb program that keep revealing its secrets

Thanks again


If I understand you correctly, do you have two bindings, and you have one or the other enabled in your two song states?

You should be able to do do it with one binding, with the target value (program change) changing, instead of enabling/disabling two bindings. Obviously if you had 20 song states and 20 program changes, the enabling/disabling approach would get messy quickly!

Glad that the workaround works for you!!! However, hopefully @brad can have a look at the original case which looks like it might be a bug (“Selected state program” bindings not always working).


Hi neil

Thank I realize indeed that indeed I could do what you said… a lot more simple. Thanks for the tip and will implement.

@Brad I believe the bug exists and left enough evidence of it. Happy to assist if you want to xshoot it more.


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Thanks Stephane. I’ve reproduced this and working on a fix for next buld…


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Excellent. Glad we nailed it finally. Thanks for the news and since I have a good workaround no urgency my end.

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