Selected object solo/mute shortcut


As I’m trying to fine-tune my setup I would really like to be able to quickly toggle mute or solo on selected plugins/racks for comparison. I know I can make a binding for toggling specific plugins but it’s a really slow way to do it individually for each plugin.
Maybe a global shortcut or at least a binding which would take “selected” objects as target?
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Hi Matejb,

The only generic way that was built in for this kind of application was to use the index system that’s built in. It allows you to set up bindings in the background rack that can exclusively solo plugins and racks in what ever song is loaded. There is some setup but once done it’s universal for all songs.

Indexing works top down on any object in the output ports area of the routing tab. even if mixed in type like when there is a plugin and below it a rack. So the top most plugin is Index #1 and as you go down the list each occurrence of another plug has the next Index number. The same applies to racks.

To set it up use the control bar or your own controller as a source and make some buttons that will solo exclusive your plugins and racks. I set up an example with 3 plugins and 3 racks to show how to. The 6 buttons when pressed will solo the plugin or rack according to their type and index number.

SOLO PLUGIN 1 button = Plugin Index #1 - SOLO

SOLO RACK 3 button = Rack Index #3 - SOLO

the bindings are in the background rack and each type must be set correctly so I show both the plugin and the rack programing

Plugin type binding

Rack type binding

You can see the rough idea now, I hope it may help. If you keep things a certain order anyway it’s a good fit :slight_smile:



Thank you very much for elaborate reply. It helped a lot. Just instead of buttons I used PC Keyboard bindings.


Glad you got a setup you liked going and that it does the job you needed!



I’d find a hotkey for soloing an selected object very useful as well. I could assign it to a button and would not need a solo button for every rack (like it is now).