Select (but not Load) Rack State with Binding

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When using a binding, I can’t find a way to select a rack state without loading it - have I missed something?

I have a foot pedal, that I want to use to move through states, but I don’t necessarily want to load them. When selected, I want to press another button to load the state (as can be done with arrow keys and enter on a keyboard).

I would prefer to select the states by program number, so that things always stay in sync.


What you can do ist next state (delayed) - this binding target is only available within the rack, so you’ll need to send some MIDI commmand to the Rack to trigger it. This will display the name of the next state on screen, but not load it immediately. With this, you can step through your state list quickly without loading them immediately. Once you stop stop advancing through states and wait for a couple of seconds, Cantabile will load the last selected state.



Thanks for the response Torsten.

Yes, I noticed the delayed state change, but a lot of the time I need an instant state change.

The advantage of separate select and load is that:

  1. You can select a state while using another one, then change instantly with one action when you need to.
  2. You can skip states without selecting them at all.

The delayed state change gives you option 2, but not option 1.