Select and Edit Multiple Rows

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Just a suggestion for the list while it’s fresh in my mind…

It would be good to be able to select and edit multiple rows. For example, I just had a need to set 30+ rows to MIDI Channel 1, but I had to click and repeat 30+ times to achieve it.

It would be good to be able to use standard modifier keys to select contiguous/non-contiguous rows and have an edit action affect all of them.

I have no idea how practical it may be to achieve this, and I’m willing to accept that the answer may be ‘no time soon’, or ‘never’! :smile:



This would be particularly useful for setting state behaviours in a rack - clicking checkboxes for a plugin with dozens of parameters (e.g. organ drawbars) gets real tedious real fast !!!

Yes, I’d like to add my support for this too.

For example if you have a lot of MIDI routes to one rack, highlight all the routes, then change them all to another route. Or, like @JimboKeys said, change the state behaviours for all the racks in a song at once. There’s one place that you can kind of do this already, you can select all the states in a rack/song and lock them all at once…


Aren’t all these settings text files in reality? If so, then some kind of search and replace scripting likely could “make it so” what we are seeking here.

As one who has “clicked the checkboxes” not just 30, but 128 times (!) – let’s just say I am a fan of this idea!


I thought on it too and you are looking at more of a spreadsheet type situation where you could do selective column editing but have Cantabile do the interpreting of your edits. That is why it is a complex thing IMO


I’m not sure if this will help but there is an easy way to check a ton of boxes in sequence or discreetly selected boxes. Are we talking about the same thing ? For the OP problem this wouldn’t work but it it kind of what you would want if it was to work …

no selection
SnapShot 3853

select a sequence
SnapShot 3854

hit the Enter key for local behaviors
SnapShot 3855

hit Ctrl+Enter for exported behaviors
SnapShot 3856

The key sequences act as toggles so you can turn on and off the groups of switches

You can select discreetly and use the same key combos to check as well

SnapShot 3858


Hi @dave_dore,

I didn’t know you could do that, but it’s more, for example, if you wanted to change 30 MIDI routes to a different channel, or have one particular state behaviour change for 12 different racks, or change the output routing for lots of racks at the same time, etc.

That’s what I’m meaning by this… Thanks for the input as always though…


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Hey Pierce,

I was only referring to the behaviors check boxes but it seemed that their way of working was an example of how such a feature could work. Sorry if I was not clear.


All good! But yeah, that’s the sort of thing we’ve been talking about…

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I knew part of Cantabile did this, but I wouldn’t have remembered where!

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I’m just coming to have to make some of these kinds of changes again. Some songs require the same field (e.g. binding target) to be changed in 50 or more places.

Is there any way to select more than one line and edit a field for all the selected rows?

Did you try the Cantabile Batch Editor?
Tom’s website is down right now, but he expects it to be fixed tomorrow (I notified him). I will PM you the installer link he just sent me.