Select all tracks and reduce/increase plugin gain by the same amount


Hi All.

I’m sure this has been answered somewhere, but is there a way to select all tracks and reduce/increase the plugin gain volume globally. Ableton does this very easily. Instead of adjusting each track and reducing each one by the same amount. Basically, one track is too loud, but if I reduce it I have to reduce the others by the same amount.


Hey David,

What I would do would be to route all the tracks to either an embedded rack or a linked rack, both work for this.

  • First you create the rack, I used an embedded type in the example and routed all the media players to the stereo input of the new rack, these inputs could also could have been your vst Instruments or a mix of both. The rack is acting like an audio buss.

  • then I open it and create an audio pass through route and close it

  • then I rename the rack

and I use it’s gain slider to adjust the 3 media players mix.

Hope this helps



Many thank for this, Dave. That’s great. I assume this will also apply to plugin software instruments like Kontakt?


Hi David,

Yes you are correct.