(Seemingly) Odd Rack Gain behavior

I have stripped the problem I was having down to a very basic example, one you could easily recreate; Hopefully you will get the same behavior too. I tested it, and it still behaves like this with me. I have a song with this structure:

  • Song: MySong
  • Existing Rack: Guitar 01
    • Embedded Rack: Pre Effects
    • Embedded Rack: Amp
    • Embedded Rack: Effects Loop
    • Embedded Rack: Cabinet
    • Embedded Rack: Post Effects

The embedded racks are empty and contain just routing directly from input to output. The routing in the Existing Rack and the Song is all straightforward from top to down through all components serially.

  1. Strum the guitar: note that the sound gets through unamplified or unweakened
  2. Turn the gain (the slider right of the text “Guitar 01”) of the Guitar 01 rack down by, say, -15dB.
  3. Double click the Guitar 01 rack to open it.
  4. Strum the guitar. Note how the sound gets deamplified in every subsequent routing step in the rack

Q: Is this behavior supposed to be this way?

I mean, in case of a guitar rack with nonlinear effects this changes the sound characteristics considerably, besides turning down the volume. I can easily work around this by using the gain of the output routing of the Guitar 01 rack in the MySong view instead, but this requires me to keep the routing of the rack expanded costing screen space, and it also breaks the regularity of all racks with their sliders together forming a nice horizontal mixer.

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Hi @DavidDuwaer

From what you’ve described, this sounds like a bug. I’m currently trying to catch up from some time off but I’ll try to look into this in the next day or so.


Hi @DavidDuwaer,

I’ve looked into this. It was definitely a bug and I’ve made a fix. My main concern is I can’t remember why the piece of code that was doing this was there in the first place (my brain may still be on holidays)

Anyway, I’ve made a fix which will be in the next experimental build.



Thanks, awesome! I’m glad I could help.

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