Scripted bindings


Would be really great if we could use a scripting language like Python or Lua to create custom bindings. Unlimited power!


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Cue evil-sounding world domination laughter…Mwaa-haaa-haaaaaaa.

That would be very cool though! Did you have any specific ideas about what you could do with that?

I absolute agreeeee!!! It would be a very cool stuff! With time and calm of brad ahahah

Now I’m a new user so I might be missing some options that are already possible, but for example, I’d like to bind an expression pedal to switch a VST on at different levels, combined with blending arpegiator presets, stuff like that. Mostly I do find ways to do things, except a do X when exp pedal goes below something. But there’s things, like BlueArp’s arp enabled option that takes scalar value, and I wanna toggle it. Scripting these things would be really great, open up a lot of options to create some different things :slight_smile:

@Hristo_Velev this soft might help a lot:

And there is a VST version which could be used in cantabile sessions

kind regards, Alexandr

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Thanks @Alexander, I’ll check this out - second time it’s getting suggested, and looks pretty interesting!

I have actually considered lua for this before and agree it’d be handy but there’s never been much visible demand for it. I’m certainly open to the idea.

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If it’s implemented in a way that allows people to script a binding and then publish it for others to easily reuse, the general coding averse public would benefit a lot from the work of a few coders :slight_smile:

@Brad Cantabile already is the best solution in the visible universe! :smile:
But if this functionality will not cause any performance decrease issues, I am in! :blush:

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Thanks guys - I’ve logged it and linked back to here so as to not lose track of it.

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