Scarlett 8i6 line out 5 & 6 not working at Cantabile

Hello, I bought a scarlet 8i6 3rd gen for my mobile music laptop. The scarlett 8i6 has 2 headphone outputs on the front and 4 line outputs on the back - The line out 1 & 2 (on the back side) are main output, 3 & 4 can be set separately. Cantabile shows 6 audio output available with this interface but only 1, 2 line outputs work. I could not route the line output 3 & 4 ( 5 & 6 output on C3) to other mixer / effect modules (no sound) . I tested it with Reaper - works well . The reaper could send audio signal out to line output 1&2 and 3&4 separately. But C3 can’t. Dose anyone know how to solve this for C3? Many thanks. Min

This sounds like the audio ports aren’t set up the way you want them to be set up. Can you attach screen shots so we can see each logical port and the physical ports assigned to it?

Richard (also an EWI player)

Hi, Richard
Thanks for reply. I looked into this deeply and learned more about Focursrite interface and its control software based on your suggestions - logical ports & physical ports assignemnt . It seems Reaper works without changing anything on my setting because it can override audio inputs/outputs setting. But it seems C3 cannot do that and it’s audio routing is limited by Focusrite control software setting. After chaning Focursite control software setup, now I can make C3 send audio into different line outputs. There is still some limitation for what I meant to achieve but I am content now. Best, Min

Finally I found the solution - In fact I didn’t hear other audio line outputs sound as monitor volume knob was at “0”. Once I dialed this up, I hear the sound.

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