Scarbee closes webshop!

Hey people,

if you are looking for Scarbee Products, you should be fast. Thomas Scarbye decided to close down the web shop. Here you can read about it:

So sad!


Interesting. How do you run out of stock of your own digital downloads?

I’m not sure. The licensing is still be done via Native Instruments (iirc). So maybe it has to do something with their contract… I don’t know.

Sounds like he may still develop for other companies…

More power to him if it untangles his world. I hope he keeps creating, that’s what I think he loves to do the most.


He’s the undisputed king of bass sampling in my book! I would have said electric pianos as well until Keyscape came along and usurped that one.

Yup. Love his Rickie emulation.

GDPR is a right pain. Typical EU over regulation. I’ve done what I can for my web site and mailing list, bit did wonder if it would just be easier to bin the latter.

What an absolute shame. Scarbee plugs were cutting edge in their day. I still use them.