Saving VST settings vs Cantabile settings

Vast apologies if this is covered elsewhere as I cannot find it.

In C3 song file, if I change a C3 setting (gain, midi, etc) I’m prompted to save upon switching songs as per option settings. But if I change a VST setting there is no prompt to save and the change is not retained. I’ve only noticed this in Ivory II btw. If I change both a VST and C3 setting, prompt occurs and both changes are saved.

Is there documentation that describes this hierarchy?



Hi @JHarris,

By default Cantabile only marks the song modified if a major change is made - this primarily includes changes to Cantabile settings and not changes to plugins. The reason for this is many plugins fire redundant or excessive parameter change notifications that cause the song to always appear modified.

You can tweak this by going to File → Song Options (or Rack Options) and choosing “Prompt to Save: on any change”

Note this is a per-rack/per-song setting so you’ll need to change it any any file where you want this behaviour.

(And yes I probably need to update the docs to cover this)


Thanks @brad

I missed the “per song” bit, causing apparent intermittent behavior.


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