Saving songs, bindings and setlist?

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I’m scratching my head here…
I’ve got a setlist of many songs running my click, backing a midi tracks using bindings to automate my guitar VST’s. I’m always looking for inspiration and switching up my amp sims and it been a task re-programing all my bindings every time I want to mix things up a bit. (Any tips would be welcome!) With different amp sims the binding setup can be different. One has gapless changes using plugin snapshots and another (Helix Native) works best using it’s internal snapshots. I thought I should just make a few master setlists that work for the different amp sims I use. The issue I’m having is if I change the bindings in a song in one setlist it changes the bindings in all the duplicate setlist as well.
How do I save unique versions of songs in different setlists?


Hi Leroy

A setlist simply contains references to your song files, not the song files themselves. That’s why any change you make to a song file will stick to that song, irrespective of what setlists it is referenced by. That’s by design in Cantabile.

If you want to have unique versions of songs in different setlists, you’ll need to make actual copies of the song files “Song 1 v1”, “Song 1 v2” etc. and then reference these different versions in your setlists. Of course that means that if when want to make changes to these songs, you’ll have to make them to all copies.

BTW: same applies to linked racks: a change you make to a linked rack will apply to all songs using that rack. That’s just the way Cantabile operates - it has distinct advantages, but some things will be more difficult.



Hi Torsten, thanks for your reply! I get it now.