Saving song states when working with racks

I have a song which uses 3 racks- one for saxophone, one for EP, and one for organ. I’ve created two states. The main state has EP and organ activated, and the “lead” state has EP and saxophone racks activated. Problem is that the rack states don’t seem to be saving, so that nothing changes when I switch from on rack state to another. I suppose I’m overlooking something basic?

Hi Lee,

Did you check state behaviors to make sure it’s enabled?

Also check here to make sure the Automatic state saving is selected or do it manually to be sure

Hope this helps

My State Behaviors options look different. I think I should have said “saving song states”, each state being composed of a combination of racks turned on or off

Hey Lee,

Sorry my bad, you need to select each rack you use at the song level and check it’s behavior. That’s why the different behavior choices for Song States, Rack states, midi routes etc …


I also didn’t read well enough to see your having trouble with rack states. This means you should open the rack in question and check all the plugins and routes to check their state behaviors.


For my racks, it was always about making sure “Processing Mode” was checked for every state. That’s the only way it would remember changing whether a rack was on or not or switching rack-states in different song states. It is a little fiddly - I have to go back and forth between states turning racks on and off before it finally works right, especially when adding a new rack.


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thanks Dave and Terry for your suggestions. I’m still finding this process confusing and it seems more so if I’m trying to configure racks rather than just plugins in song states. I did finally manage to get my song states saved as I wanted, but I’m not sure how I got there!

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Sounds like the story of my life again! :wink: