Saving Presets in Korg M1 Legacy

I remember seeing somewhere that you could only access 1 bank in the Korg Legacy M1, and you needed to create a new user bank. Can anyone give me a little guidance as to how to accomplish this. Am I saving the bank as a new file or within the synth itself?


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Either create your own bank, or check “Bank” in
the State Behavior boxes to have C3 remember the patch and the bank. I can’t tell that much difference in load time.

I started creating my own Bank and kept misplacing it. Not many people an loose a bank.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My problem is I can answer a question better than I can ask one…

My issue is actually that I am not seeing where to add a new bank. Or am I just picking one of the current user banks and dropping everything into there?

Yes, that’s what I’m doing - I use the first user bank and copy my presets there (and customize them to my taste). The cool thing: user banks are local to the plugin instance, so I have a couple of M1 racks, all with different user banks. It’s like having multiple M1 sitting around: one for string layers, one for solo sounds, one for general synth use…



See what I mean… I asked the question correctly. Thanks Torsten!

Are you doing anything else special in the State Behavior?

The other thing I noticed is that the M1 loads it’s own Catabile “presets”, which seem to be un-editable.

Thanks again

I am still confused on this. I have been copying patches to “Card User 1” and then modifying them there. Then I create a new state and select the patch from within that bank. I have Selected Program and Entire Bank selected (both check boxes) in the State Behavior box.

I save the rack and all seems good.

Then I drop the linked rack into a song, and some states point correctly and some don’t.

What am I missing?


Hey Rick,

If I’m understanding correctly then you might be confusing “Selected Program” as a means to recall the M1 tone of it’s GUI directly but it is for the pseudo Preset Program numbers at the top of the Vsti GUI box. These are Cantabile based. So what I have to do in your situation is select a new pseudo preset number and rename it and then select the actual patch from the M1 gui. I repeat the process for additional presets. That’s how I do it anyway. Someone else may have a better way.


If you want to use the presets in your User 1 bank, then

  • DON’T select Entire Bank - Selected Program is enough
  • make sure that your User 1 bank is selected every time you save the rack



Thanks Dave and Torsten. This one definitely “behaves” quite differently that any other VST I have been using.

I noticed last night that if I was in the browser and had User 1 bank selected that as I changed states… the listing in the bank changed. That really had me scratching my head.

But now I see that makes sense… It was doing what I was telling to do.

Thanks again!