Saving Media Player Channel Assignments


Did a quick search but didn’t find this issue exactly. Using Media Player, I can add Midi Outputs (1, 2, 3…) and with the Channel Select filter, I can route each channel from the midi file in the Player to a different real or soft synth in my rig. However, this is time consuming to set up, particularly if I want 16 unique channels assignments and then repeated for each song in my library. Is there a way using Racks or a saved file of some type to call up a “generic” Media Player for each song which is already configured with say 16 dfiferent Midi outputs each responding to a separate midi channel that can be uniquely directly to individual synths for each song? Or some other technique that does the same thing?


Hi Tom and Welcome,

I think the easiest way to do this is to have a template Song you start from every time and tweak for each case. So make your first song with all the routing like you want for your generic starter song and save it with an appropriate name. Then load it and right away do a Save As move so you preserve the original and get a new copy open to edit with the new song name. Makes sense?

Another bit of info that might help is that when you have more than one song and they are loaded into set lists you can copy and paste between all the available songs in the currently open set list so it is helpful when you have you have to alter older songs and would allow you to add a copy of your media player and all it’s routes to multiple songs after they were already made.



Thank you Dave. While the first option was my current practice, I was unaware of the second idea and tried that out with success yesterday. Great!