Save the tunings from plugins 432Hz

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Is there any way that the tuning is stored at 432Hz. So that when I load Cantabile I don’t have to switch from 440 Hz to every plugin?

Hi Daniel - welcome to the community!

Tuning is not an aspect of Cantabile - Cantabile simply routes audio or MIDI notes to a plugin and routes its output to where it will be heard.

Tuning is part of the plugin specific settings. When you make tuning settings in a plugin, these will normally be saved with the overall state of the plugin when you save a Cantabile song that has the plugin in it.

If you want to use plugins in a pre-configured way for multiple songs, that’s where Cantabile’s racks come in - you put your plugin inside a (linked) rack, configure it so that it is tuned at 432 Hz, then save the rack. Now, whenever you use the rack inside a song, it will have the plugin pre-configured to 432 Hz. Now you’ll have to learn about rack states and exported parameters etc to be able to have different configurations of your plugin for different songs. So be sure to look at the guides section and Brad’s videos to learn all about racks and states.

Important: linked racks are a feature of Cantabile Performer edition - not available in Lite or Solo versions.

If you don’t have Performer, you could have some success using saved plugin presets - you can export plugin presets as .fxp or .cantabileProgram files that will show up in your plugin selector (as long as you have set the correct path to your preset files in Cantabile options). That way, instead of inserting the plugin in its default configuration, you’ll insert it already pre-configured to 432 Hz. A bit more complicated but workable.

Whenever you get stuck even after reading the guides and watching the videos, definitely come back here and ask around - this group is usually incredibly helpful. But it does help if you have learned the basics - you can formulate more precise questions and we can answer more effectively :wink:



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I’ve been in a 432 tuned band for more than 5 years. It was difficult at 1st, because some plugins didn’t have a specific 432 tuning, but I was was able to detune by cents within the plugin. I use Cantabile Performer, and set my plugs into racks. Since I use the same plugs in standard tuning in other bands, I made states within the rack, which were labeled 432 and 440. When setting up a song, I simply select the 432 within the song, and save the song. Works very well when bouncing between bands with standard tuning. I label the 432 songs with “432” in their title in case I have repeated songs with different tunings. @Torsten is absolutely correct…as always. :grin:




And when will Adam Neely jump into this discussion?

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Thats how I do it too.

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My next project…433.5 Hz. :smirk:

Could call the band “Between Three and Four”.

Hello everyone
So my English is not so good, but thank you very much for the help. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it. Tried everything as described with Linked Racks etc. and also with cantabileProgram files.
But unfortunately it doesn’t work or I just do it totally wrong. I have the Performer edition as a 30 day trial. And I wanted to buy them later, but only if I could get it with the 432 Hz.
Can someone make me such a template(files)? I only have the plugin Keyscape and Omnisphere from Spectrasonics. Both have a mastertuning (global tuning) that I can set, but as soon as I leave Cantabile and restart the tuning is back to 440 Hz.
@Corky That would be exactly what I want. Switching between 432 Hz and 440 Hz would be perfect!

Since I don’t have Keyscape or Omnisphere, I tried this with Trilian (another Spectrasonics product).

  • added Trilian as a plugin
  • went to the settings page, selected 432 Hz tuning as a “Multi” setting (not as global setting - that would be stored permanently with the plugin installation - outside Cantabile).
  • Now saved the state of the plugin as a Cantabile preset via the “Export Program” function as “Trilian 432”
  • Now when I insert Trilian directly as a plugin, it will open with the default 440 Hz, but when I go to “insert plugin” and select the “Trilian 432” preset, it will have the 432 Hz setting preselected:

That’s it for the “cantabileProgram” method.

More on the Racks method in a separate post.



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OK, here some pointers on how to do this with a linked rack:

I created a rack with Trilian in it, set State Behavior to “Entire Bank” - this will save the complete multi-specific configuration of the plugin (except its global settings, which seem to be stored elsewhere) with the rack state.

Now I created two rack states : Bass 440 and Bass 432. For the “432” state, I set the master tune to 432 in the “Multi” setting and store the state ( State->Update “Bass 432”). Now I can switch between a 440-tuned bass and a 432-tuned version simply by changing rack state.

BTW: I used an embedded rack and not a linked one, because I’m just too lazy to clean up an unused linked rack file after creating this demo - but the principle is exactly the same and will work similarly for a linked rack…



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Thought I would drop this into the conversation. I prefer to have 432 and 440 as states in the same rack, BUT…you can also have two racks. One with 432, and another rack with 440. Just drop the needed rack into the song. Just my 2 cents, which is worth nothing in today’s economy. :smirk: