Save sliders position?

Hi! Is it possible to save the sliders position when “Saving a song” in cantabile?
See image.

Fantastic software anyhow! All from interface, UI, settings and the application itself!
Keep up!

Hi Marc & Welcome to the Forum!

There are 2 answers here, first off the levels in the Monitor window are global and tied to the Ports you create in Options. To have these values saved per song you would have to rethink your routing so that the levels you wanted to save per song were level sliders in the routes pane of the song you have loaded. You could then route from those song components to your global port levels. I set these global port levels at 0 db and leave them alone in my rig FWIW.

The second answer is yes, you can save the plugin level but to make sure it is saved you need to check the states behaviors check boxes for the plugin slot you want to set up. To see the state behaviors pane go to view and locate the states behavior panel.

Click on the plugin slot to make sure it is selected and the states behaviors panel will show the current settings for the slot. Check the “Gain Level” box to have the level saved with the song file. It is checked by default when you load a new plugin.

I hope this gets you started but there are more details are on the main Cantabile site in the online manual for the states behaviors.

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Many thanks Dave!

Hi, Dave.
This looks like an answer I’ve been chasing for a while but I don’t understand how to set up your solution.

When you say… “To have these values saved per song you would have to rethink your routing so that the levels you wanted to save per song were level sliders in the routes pane of the song you have loaded…”
.how do I set this up?
.in a rack or somewhere else?

Kind regards, Ian.

Hi 5t4g315gr8,

What I was describing was a way to set up the songs so that the levels were consistent from song to song. To do it I recommended opening the monitor panel and setting all the level sliders to 0db. Then for each VST or Rack with instruments the Gain Level States Behaviors for each object would be checked so that the slider values would be saved with the song. Each song would be set up the same way so that the correct levels were saved per song. Is that what you were inquiring about? Let me know if you need more detail.



Thanks, Dave
err. Still not clear.

Those sliders for incoming audio are also visible in list view and I have mine bringing in audio from an external keyboard.

I’ve mapped that slider in list view to a slider on my keyboard via binding and this works perfectly

However I didn’t believe the settings on that incoming audio were being saved with the song and your feedback seems to suggest the incoming audio level is global.

I’ll have another play with it and do some comparison checks.

Cheers, Ian

Hi Ian,

Based on your reply I hope I can help. I think you have an external keyboards Audio going into Cantabile. If so I assume you are passing it through as is and trying to blend it’s gain level per song or you are sending it to a VST for FX and then out. In this case`the input route you created in the Cantabile song would have a level slider on it’s input route and by default in the states behaviors it’s value is saved with the song if adjusted.

So back to the view with the monitor levels you see that the port level is the first place you can adjust the gain and it is global but the port is also available as a virtual audio port you place in the song. So if you adjusted the gain slider at the song level instead of the main input port level slider it would be saved per song.

You can make a binding from your keyboard for that slider instead of the one you have now by

Renaming the Input Route to a desired label

And then making a binding from your keyboard to that route Gain slider.

You would need to include this in all songs that used that audio input.




Wow! That was so detailed and helpful.
Cheers Dave that got me sorted :+1::+1::+1:
So pleased coz I’ve been struggling with this for a while.

Regards, Ian

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