Save as on song / states switching

Hi everyone, I have a strange behavior of Cantabile and I do not know if it is normal or not.
I have a setlist loaded with 23 songs; some songs have more states.
Every time I switch a song or a state, a rescue is done without prompt even if I have not changed anything.
I noticed from the central window above.

Here’s an example: I switched from song 2 to song 1.

It does not do me anything in performance, but is it normal?
Why save even when there are no changes? Often I even notify save as on racks

I have the 3266 version recently and it does not seem to me that in the old versions that happened.

Hi @pk72

That’s probably because you’re states aren’t locked so everytime you switch states Cantabile needs to recapture the state to ensure nothing is lost (often Cantabile won’t really know if something in a plugin has changed or not).

The fix is pretty easy - just select all your states, right click and choose Lock.


Ops … sorry … it was a really stupid question !!
Thank you Brad

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