Sandboxing possible in the future?

I am thinking, or better daydreaming :upside_down_face:

If Brad was able to let us put each instrument in a different Cantabile instance, and then connecting all instances with magic virtual external cables?

This way the crash of one plugin couldn’t crash the others…

This would not be a very smart approach. Virtual cables add latency, and multiple instances add resource demands, IMHO.

Besides, why should VSTs crash? It never happens to me, except in very rare cases. Just don’t use notoriously problematic VSTs.

A true sandbox system would be interesting, but I think it would entail rewriting a large part of Cantabile.

My two ¥C


Unfortunately, I love plugins that crash LOL

Joking aside, I found that all UJAM guitars 2nd version require about 8GB each, and my system is just 16GB :cold_face:

But I also found that using just one UJAM guitar 2nd version at a time, and setting 1024 or 2048 for the ASIO buffer size makes crashes rare, so I can survive