SampleTank 4 GUI Scaling


I got the latest Sampletank 4. I had the impression it would scale better on my Surface, but I may be wrong. Running by itself it’s improved.

Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to scale up in Cantabile the way ST3 did. Makes it impossible to use in Cantabile right now. Anyone tested this out yet on their system?


Still downloading. Don’t know when I’ll get to try it out. Traveling next week.


I’m a bit disappointed - I had high hopes for ST 4 based on the size and sound spectrum of its library. Unfortunately, it’s not very CPU-friendly for a sample player - the effects on the individual sounds seem to drive up CPU load, but even a simple electric bass patch - with all effects REMOVED - will generate a 10% Cantabile load on my system (quad-core i7, pretty modern) without even a single note played!

I had hoped that using a sample-based VSTi would lighten the load compared to the virtual synths, but in that I was disappointed…

Plus, there’s still a number of teething problems with the software and the sounds downloads (zip files ending prematurely, installers not installing the libraries correctly until you run them a second time, patches being displayed multiple times…) in their current shape, So far I fail to get excited by ST 4. Guess I’ll stay with my current arsenal for live usage.




I had a tough time installing the Philharmonik 2 sample libraries. Once I had them finally expanded correctly I made a backup copy of those folders. They need to fire the person who makes the installers.


I haven’t heard if anyone is also having scaling issues with the Sampletank 4. This is what it looks like on my Surface Pro Tablet. I hope Brad can assist in finding a fix.