SampleTank 4 C4 Still an Issue

Hello, IK Multimedia just had an awesome sale and so I purchased SampleTank 4 Max. I’ve been using SampleTank 3 for a long while without incident. However, ST4 crashes C4 and C3 whenever you close the ST4 UI. This occurs with the VST2 and VST3 version. I know this has been reported previously but I thought I would create a new thread for this issue. I have versions of C3(3702) and C4(4056). Is anyone else still experiencing this? If you were and no longer are what was your solution? I suppose leaving ST4 open is not the worse thing but then again it is not ideal. Thank you

Update - I installed C4(4061). This made it worse. Even if I left ST4 open CS4 would crash when I switched songs. I have now reverted back to 4056.

Update - I just experienced a similar issue with ST4 when I opened it in Ableton Live 11. I’m thinking this may not be a Cantabile or only Cantabile issue. Stand by, more to come.

This is now resolved. It turns out I had duplicate paths in the Sound Content Settings. Apparently ST4 does not like this. Seems to be working correctly now.

Sorry, I’m not able to reproduce this issue, My Sampletank 4Max works fine.

I find that Sampletank 4 is very resource hungry. Some samples I cannot use and I have limited its use to only my very fast PC. On the other PCs I still use Sampletank 3 without problems.