Sample player plugin with loop funtion


Sorry if this has been asked before, but I haven’t found it with the search option.

I’m looking for a Sample player plugin with loop funtion that could be triggered by pressing a key. Actually, I just want to play a small audio file in loop mode, I was using Rehearse but it suddently started doing strange things.

many thanks in advance



What you are looking for sounds quite basic. Will Cantabile’s timeline loop function for its mediaplayers do the job perhaps?


If you are looking for a dedicated sampler plugin, have a look at:

  • Tx16Wx - pretty powerful, but a bit complex to operate
  • Grace - clean and simple

You’ll have to know a bit about using samplers (mapping samples to key, looping, envelopes, pitching, …) to use those plugins - it’s just playing back a drum loop or backing file, Cantabile’s media player could also be a valid option.




thanks to both for your suggestions!

I had yesterday just a few minutes to test, and managed to make the wave file sound by pressing a key, but I then realized that I failed to explain a detail I still need to fulfill my needs:

I need to stop playing the loop by pressing the same or another key!! Or even with a binding.

I saw in the timeline loop that at least I have here a counter which could be useful to my needs.



Simple binding to start / stop playing a loop in the media player:

The only issue with the media player is that it doesn’t give you fade-in / fade-out times like a sampler does with its envelope. I’m working around that with an automated fader slope for some sounds I need to blend in or out. Overall, the media player is nice for simply triggering loops or one-shots; if you need more sophisticated applications, you’ll want to choose a sampler plugin.




Torsten - this binding - would one be able to use multiple bindings to individually address mulltiple loops already defined in a wav file (i.e. one of any loops defined by C3’s media player on a single wav file)?

I’m thinking of attempting to build a poor man’s sampling pad, like Roland’s SPD SX, where I can use simpler pad triggers like my keyboard already has to play oneshot or looping wavs, all defined from a single put-together song…all via C3

Steve Marfisi


I would use a sampler plugin to do that - get Tx16WX for free and play with it. Pretty easy once you get the hang of it. But I would use separate wav files for the individual samples - not much value in assembling everything into one big wave file…