S-Gear 2.9 Update

Hi All,

For S-Gear Users a long awaited update finally arrived today. It still sounds great but the main thumbs up was what I feel is an improved tuner (very smooth action and it was already very good) and GUI sizing! The claim is that the update is an under the hood overhaul that will aid in coming versions with additions as yet unannounced.



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Requires Windows 10. Not surprised.

Do you still use it Corky? I can peal paint with it!

I still have it in a few older songs. Their forum is talking about paying for a “housekeeping” update prior to release of version 3. I still like S-Gear, but found some of the newer plugs meet my needs better. Just a preference thing. S-Gear is still relevant, even with no real major updates in 7 yrs. Says a lot about the developer getting it right the 1st time.

Do you ever use the “Boston” preset? Add a wah wah in front and use it to tune into the right frequency…killer.

No, I go for the clean and crunch patches and the beautiful Verb and great tuner. You’re right about the long wait for pedal boards or new rack components. And you’re right it’s a to each their own sort of thing …

Thanks for the feedback :grin:

The preset is 067 Rockman 2012 which is the device Tom Scholz of Boston invented to achieve his “wall of guitars” sound. Just needs a wah wah to get the perfect sound he created.

I am interested to see what their version 3 will be like.