Running Cantabile on Surface 7

The touch and pen has dead zones on my Surface 5. I cannot find anyone to confirm if a screen and digitization replace solves it. The local repair shop cannot guarantee it.

So I’m taking the plunge with a new Surface 7. The new Surface 8 is too expensive and needs a new keyboard and pen, This time I’m going with the cheaper i5 and try and live with 8G ram which I had on the Surface 5. My plan it to load it up and see if it will run Cantabile and my guitar and keyboard setup. If not, need to find a plan B.

Anyone have any experience on the Surface 7 running Windows 11?

I have a pair of older HP Revolve 810 G3 convertibles with i5-5300U + 8GB mem and they run fine for guitar sims and synths, if that helps you any at all.

I have a client who has a surface pro 7 and a surface pro 8. I did some MSSQL database work on the 8 yesterday - I was surprised how much faster it was than the 7 which is no slouch

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The screen and the digitisation are the same thing. You would need to replace the screen. I had mine replaced on my Surface pro 6. I don’t know where you’re based I can recommend PC, Laptop, Mac, Iphone, Ipad Repairs in Edinburgh - City PC Repairs. You may need to apply the tweaks to enable high performance for audio.

I’m in Canada. The local repair shop has experience with the Surface screen replacement but warned me that it isn’t always successful requiring return to Microsoft for big $$,

Hence my move the the Surface Pro 7. So far my testing with the higher load Vsts on Cantabile look promising. Much better than my older version 5.

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I did end up buying the i5 Surface Pro 7 and it runs great as long as you keep to the Best Performance settings. I only got the 8G Ram model and so far no issues with preloading songs.