Runnig Surge XT plugin

I cant get Surge XT to load as a plugin in Cantabile 3 Although I can run it standalone and it shows up in Cubase. There doesent seem to be a .DLL file with the package that Cantabile recognises. Help appreciated.Windows 10 BTW

I was just using Surge a little while ago in C3. Are you using the Vst2 or Vst3 plug?

Edit: I just checked, it’s only Vst3. You need to make sure Cantabile is being directed to your VST3 folder. When you install a vst3 plugin, you are not given a choice of folders - they all go to the same one, and in addition the extension is .vst3 not .dll

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Surge XT is only available in VST3

See my edit above.

aah got it to work now… Your were right. thanks