Run Isolated option

I have quite some issue (already within Cantabile 2) with Korg LegacyCell plugin, and in the v2 the solution was to use the “Run Isolated” option, but I could not find it in the v3 …

Is this implemented ? I send some crash log in case of … Thanks for your help

Hi @Patrick,

Currently this feature hasn’t been implemented - mainly because I wasn’t sure anyone was actually using it. It’s logged here but not well voted on.


Well at least I was using it :slight_smile:

Do you have any plan to include it later?

is this referring to the Legacy collection? I use several of these plugins. What was the purpose of the “run isolated” feature?

@Patrick - Possibly. I was waiting to see how much it was missed. It’s not high on the priority list, but it’s also probably not a lot of work. No promises - but I’ll look into it.

@LeesKeys - “Run Isolated” was a feature in Cantabile 2 that used jBridge to run plugins in a separate process even when Cantabile could host them natively. eg: loading a 32-bit plugin in 32-bit Cantabile via jBridge. The idea was to protect Cantabile from crashing by isolating troublesome plugins in a separate process.

Thanks for the explanation Brad