Run C3 as administrator?

For some programs that are saving in the program files directory I need admin privileges. Is it smart to run C3 as admin?

I don’t think running C3 as administrator will hurt but here is my two cents:

  1. Running things as administrator is more work in the long run - I’ve found that it’s an extra step that seems to be an uphill battle. You will be having problems some time down the road and find your edit to the shortcut has reverted and no longer has run as administrator checked.
  2. Get those VST’s/Presets/etc out of the Program Files and Program Files (x86) folders. I one day cleaned up this issue - it took all afternoon but when I was done everything was moved to:
  • C:\Music\Plugins\VST64 - folders under by “manufacturer”
  • C:\Music\Plugins\VST32 - folders under by “manufacturer”
  • C:\Music\Presets - folders under by “manufacturer”
  • C:\Music\Samples
  • C:\Music\IR
  • C:\Music\Recordings

It took a bit of surgery to get the installed VST’s looking under the Music folder for things. I ended up uninstalling/reinstalling some of the VST’s.

Well… I would think, yeah… But…? I do.

True, I have my VSTplugins and VSTplugins/Live folder (only those needed), but some plugins, such as Xpand2, only want to use that specific programs folder.

If some stubborn plugs really insist on writing to a specific folder within Program Files, you could change the access privileges of that specific folder to “users”. Then there’s no need to run Cantabile as admin.

But I haven’t come across that with Xpand - what are you trying to do?



The Xpand2 dll on my systems is in C:\Music\Plugins\VST64\Air Music Technology folder

Yeah but the presets can only be in the program folder

Your right - the presets are in Program FIles (x86)\Air Music Technology…

I might try moving them.

I have a question - is your user an admin level Windows user (not Standard)?

I moved the “Air Music Technology” folder from Program Files (x86) to my C:\Music\Presets. I then inserted a track with Xpand2 and I’m able to browse and load all the presets without changing anything in the options. Not sure why that worked. I had to manually browse to load a MidiAssignments file.

Is that program files folder empty?

Yeah I’m not in admin modus. Didn’t think it’s safe. But maybe on my music PC it is

I would “upgrade” your user to administrator mode. Things will work much better. I find that cautious users running admin mode who practice good technology hygiene :grinning: very rarely run into problems with malicious code.

Standard Mode (non admin) is more about clueless users who need protection from themselves. I probably should have put that more delicately but it’s true.

I’m coming back to this post to caution that cybersecurity is a vastly complex subject. I’m running anti-virus software with music related folders whitelisted. I’m skeptical of almost all unknown software and links and very careful to make sure I’m at the actual website of a software app and not an malicious imposter. I use Sandboxie when running apps from obscure sources the first time.


Yes - I moved the whole folder to my Presets folder under C:\Music

Final comment - I forget how great Xpand2 is. It’s like an M1 on steriods.

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Yeah i love it also, very powerful bread and butter synth.
Pianos aren’t super but apart from that the are great brasses, pads, synths,…
And very low CPU.
I wish they’d make a new version with better gui.