Routing signal between different soundcards

Good day, ladies and gents,

I have a simple (and probably stupid) question: can Cantabile grab a signal from the output of a software soundcard, push it through a VST and output it into a physical soundcard?

Here is what I want to achieve: system wide application of room correction via FabFilter proQ³ VST.

The chain would look sth. like this: Windows default output -> Voicemeeter -> Cantabile input -> VST -> Cantabile output -> Titanium HD.

I tried to create different inputs but whenever I switch the “audio engine” all inputs switch accordingly. Cantabile can’t seem to work with two audio engines at the same time.

Thank you for your patience and have a nice day.

Edit: I got it to work. Seems like I tried to mount the horse from the wrong end. Voicemeeter can handle the communication between different hardware devices while Cantabile only communicates with Voicemeeter. System wide VST-EQ is working now.