Routing Question: Main Keyboard Ch1 > Different Zones > Multipart VST (e.g. Sampletank3, or others)

how can I Setup this:
Main Keyboard Ch1 > To Different Zones with different Midi Channels > To Multipart VST (e.g. Sampletank3, or others).
In Brainspawn Forte i can select MidiIn Ch1. and set them up to different channels 1…16 to different zones for a multipart VST plugin.
How i can do this in Cantabile?
Best regards

I would do it in the SampleTank Rack, define it as a Rack State. No need to break it up into separate channels.

But i have 30 Plugins loaded…
Should i put every Plugin in a Rack?
As “Rack State”?


Hi Steffen,

If I understand correctly you can also try this way :

First what you describe requires multiple input routes to be created, one for each midi channel / zone

so add all your routes (Channel/zones)

Second go to each input route and set your midi channel / zone range

for each route the edited range and channel will appear to the right of the route along with the visual range indicator as shown below

just a matter of applying this method to your own setup now …


Hi Steffen.

As I understand this, I have the same situation. My keyboard can only send on one MIDI channel at the same time, but I want to split the keyboard into zones that send to multiple MIDI channals and different VST’s on my computer.

Did this solution work for you?