Routing not recovered after restart

Version: 4168 (x64) Solo

I have current Routing:

If i switch the routing so the top part is enabled and the bottom is disabled (with midi, i created bingings for this, it looks like this), (image removed, because new user can only post one image).

All works fine. I use this program in the background, it auto saves the volumes. But it don’t saves the plugin states and routing. After closing it and start it again without pressing manual “save”. However, it starts with the last set volume. Have I missed something? I had only tested it with the volumes at the time (trial version), so I bought it afterwards. Now I’m a bit sad that it doesn’t save automatically after all.


Save and Load
Save Songs when switching via File menu: Yes
Save Songs when switching via MIDI/Network: Yes
Save Songs when switching via Set List: Yes
Save Set Lists: Yes

Reload the last used song

Prompt before exiting (is off)

Check for clean shutdown (is off)

shell:autostart folder:
Shortcut with Minimised option

As an additional information, if it is not a bug or I am stupid but simply no function yet: It does not have to save with every change. Before closing is enough. If this is not possible, an option where you e.g. automatically save every minute is also possible. That would be a feature request.

I just did some testing here and it seems to be working fine.

One thing to be aware of is that by default songs aren’t marked as modified when the change is caused by a binding. And if the song isn’t marked modified, it won’t be saved.

Try this…

  1. Load the song and go to File → Song Properties.
  2. Change the setting “Mark as Modified” to “On Any Change”
  3. Close Options and Save the Song.

Let me know if that helps.


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thanks brad :slight_smile: i will try this out <3