Routing for a background rack

I need to add one plug-in, an expander, that will be in effect in a background rock the to the main outputs.

Easy enough to set up, but this is for my live rig and I have about 200 song setups that would need to be re-routed to the rack then to the Main outs.

200 songs. That’s a lot of re-routing to get everything pointed to the expander. Hoping someone might have some insight on how this can be done as “batch edit” for all of those songs rather than my having to change each one at a time so the routing goes to the rack then from the rack to the main outs.

Is there a way to do this or should I resign myself to editing manually, song by song?


Hi Allen,

There is a batch editor that a kind user Tom Boughner made and he has kept it going a few years.

Here is a link to it.

Also if you do a Forum search there are posts on it that may assist. It sounds like the tool you might need for this.