Routing Effects - I'm doing something wrong here

I usually just utilize the effects in my VST’s for live. However, I do need to utilize some effects that are not in the plug ins for some gigs coming up.

I’m trying to add a Rotary effect (GSI VB3-2) and route the piano V through it.

  1. Configure the Piano V
  2. Add the Rotary VST
  3. Use a second output on the Piano V and rout it to the Rotary In.
  4. Check it’s output to make certain it’s routing correctly.
    I’m seeing output from the Piano V, but nothing into the Rotary VST.

As you can see in the image, there’s output coming from the second stereo out of the Piano V, but noting on the inmput to the Rotary VST
I’ve muted the primary Piano V stereo output to isolate it.

Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong (again)?

Hi Pat,

It looks wired correctly so the GSI isn’t doing the job. Have you tried a different effect to see if you can isolate if it is the Leslie. Also sometimes saving it all and restarting Cantabile can help with audio port configurations that have gone astray.



Hi Pat.
I don’t want to be wrong, but the GSi doesn’t seem to be enabled in input, only the Piano is enabled.

@dave_dore Yes, I’ve tried with multiple VST effects - no love on any of them. I tried restarting Cantabile (4) as well and no difference.

@Sergio I do believe it’s enabled - The input above (Main Keyboard) is for the MIDI input , but I would only need that to control teh plug in parameters, not the sound.

Here’s the other Routing view, which appears to be right.

Note that I’m definitely getting “output” from the Piano V, but not to the input of the effect.

Yea, Pat, this is one where @brad should probably chime in when he can. It looks correct to me. Does up dating help? You can always go back to what you’re running if it doesn’t.

Thanks - Dave

I was well behind @Brad (4064 I think - current is 4150 :frowning: ).

Unfortunately it didn’t seem to solve the problem.

The 41xx makes some big changes, try maybe going back to a different 40xx if the next one up is 41xx.

I tried the same setup on my end and GSIRotary did not work on two different presets which were “Welcome to VB3-II” and “VB3-II” but all of the others work fine. You will still need to enable MIDI input if you want to have any MIDI control over the parameters that it offers. :slightly_smiling_face:

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OK, to add to the confusion I just re-constructed the setup using Arturia Piano (I’m on Piano V3) and GSi Rotary 1.0.1 vst3 version.

Interestingly, the input port has a different name on my setup: “GSi Rotary In” instead of “AudioInput In” in your screen shot.

The only addition is that my system needs the MasterRack to drive my monitor speaker, so that’s the final link in my chain:

routed everything, using just the default presets - runs well, and I’m getting a nice psychedelic piano.

The only issue I have is that my GSi Rotary shows as unregistered and cuts out regularly. Seems that has to do with the latest version of VB3II using a modified license management, so de-activating my old VB3II license and re-activating it after installing the 2.x version has grilled mys GSi Rotary - they seem to have abandoned the Rotary plugin in favor of their “VB3 remote” plugin to route other signals through VB3. Interesting approach, but just plugging in a Rotary plugin is far more efficient - hope they will upgrade their Rotary to 2.x some time in the future…

But looking past the “demo version” limitations, the setup simply works.

Maybe an issue with the input port assignments on your Rotary plugin? The different port names make me wonder… Can you check the plugin properties page for the audio port setup?

Maybe something’s messed up there so the plugin doesn’t get the audio signal…

Thanks for looking at this in depth.

I was able to get other FX to work on other FX VST’s and Instrument VST’s.
I’ll keep looking at this over time, but I’m a bit rocked right now (learning a ton of material for a cover gig this weekend, and programming everything within Cantabile).

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Hi @PatAzzMusic,

When you get around to it, please get back to me if there’s something here I need to look into.


@brad I think we’re good here. I think it was a combination of wacky VST’s and some frustration on my part.