Routing Cantabile Output to DAW

The topic is pretty self-explanatory. I’m trying to figure out how to route the output of Cantabile to the input of my DAW – in this case, Reaper x64. In Reaper I have 4 inputs available to choose from on my Focusrite Scarlett 6i6. The problem is, Cantabile doesn’t seem to allow you to send output from the application to the input of the audio interface. I feel like there must be a way around this that I am missing. Please help!

Hi Josh,

There is no way inside Cantabile to route your output to an audio interface input. Cantabile’s loopback ports are purely an internal mechanism.

Still, there are a couple of ways to do what you want:

  • The simplest way is to route Cantabile to one output pair of your audio interface, then simply connect those via cables to an input pair and record that in Reaper. That scenario depends on your audio interface drivers - if they get locked exclusively by one of your applications, this scenario won’t work.

  • Some audio interfaces (e.g. RME) have a “loopback” capability - you can configure one of their output ports to feed their signal to an input port to make it available to other applications. With that - and careful assignment of channels, you can achieve exactly what you describe: Cantabile’s output signal is available as input to other applications. But that’s depenent on your interface.

  • Next, you can use a software solution like Virtual Audio Cable - route your Cantabile output to its input and connect its output to Reaper.

  • Last not least (my usual solution), you can run Cantabile on a laptop and simply route its output to an input of your studio machine. MIDI goes the other way round - all done! OK, there’s one DA/AD conversion on the route, but that’s not so bad…