Route metronome inside C3

Hey people,

I’d like to freely route the build in metronome to plugins or various output busses… is that even possible? I sometimes do the in-ear mixes for other people and I’d rather like to control those volumes inside C3 instead of RMEs TotalMix :wink:


Hi Chris,

This capability is not currently available in Cantabile (routing metronome to racks etc … ). The metronome timing is rout-able to racks but not the audio. It is only routable to a physical audio port in Options>Audio Ports, here you can reassign the metronome to a chosen output port (create new ones if needed as well) on your audio card.


An alternative is to cook up your own metronome using a MIDI file running in a media player object.


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Thanks for your answers.

I’ve found a workaround. RME TotalMix has a great function called Loopback. With that function switched on the output is directly routed to the same input. That means:
I route the metronome to the AES-outputs which I don’t use anyway. I activate the loopback in the AES-channels and they will appear in the AES-inputs of RME. So I can route it back into C3 without using any cables. With that function I also routed Ableton back to C3… oh man… this is absolutely stunning! C3 takes control of everything.

Anyway: For those who don’t have this option it might be good to have the metronome freely routable inside C3. This is very useful also when working as side-chain-source.



Interesting. Logged it.

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Yeah! I just routed it into the solid comp from native and use it as side-chain-source. It works awesome!! It’s never been so easy.

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Routable metronome sounds will be available in the next build.

It works like this…

  1. Create a mono input audio port named “Metronome”. You don’t need to map it to any audio driver channels (though you can if you want and they’ll be mixed together).

  2. Route it like you would any other audio signal. eg: here I’m pushing it through s-gear.

Note that Cantabile will now send metronome sounds to any audio input/output port named “Metronome”. If you have both ports it’ll send to both. Be aware of this if you’re processing audio from the Metronome input port and sending it to the Metronome output port - both signals will be mixed. So… you probably want to use a different output port for the processed/routed metronome sounds.


Great! I think this is a really helpful feature!! Thanks!

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Just a quick note: these changes were causing some stability issues. For the moment I’ve disabled this feature (in 3234) until I can sort it out.

If you’re getting crashes in 3233, this is probably why.