Roli Seaboard 2 controller - New

Hi All,

Roli is bringing out an improved model with some new features.




I can’t see much (other than colour) difference between this and the Seaboard 1 (of which I have 2 x 49 and a 25). Apparently they’ve changed the profile of the ‘keys’ somewhat.

Ah - MIDI port (on a minijack, though - grrr!). That’s useful. And USB C - meh…

Hopefully the manufacturing consistency has been improved. I’ve not been impressed by the quality of the product - specifically the silicon surface - though overall I’m a devotee.

Hoping someone upgrades and sells their v1 for not so much.

Does anyone know if there is an inexpensive glide strip only midi controller that can sit on your keyboard?

Thinking that request through - it would have to somehow know the note you’re holding on the separate keyboard.

I thought they went bust?

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That’s what I thought

Me three - pretty sure they did - an investor probably re-launched it.

Yep, it was re-lauched with new investment money after leaving somewhat of a mess behind with their employees and investors on their first try. Hopefully they will make something sustainable with better management though from the reading I did it seems many of the same top players are still involved.

Well I will be selling one of my MK1 Seaboard 49s, but they ain’t cheap!

Maybe spent too much on their totally engaging and inspiring (but entirely unachievable (by me)) demo videos.


My own personal view was very high quality products totally let down by lame software.

I purchased a Seaboard Block, Loop Block and Lightpad Block M a few years back, and whilst the Seaboard works fine, I could never get the Loop Block and Lightpad Block working how I wanted to. Now and again I give it a go and I always give up.

My experience of Roli’s Seaboards is almost the polar opposite: inconsistent quality hardware, with pretty good, if slightly clunky software.

I took to Seaboard like a cat to cushions. Over time it’s come to be an extension of my mind - I think what I want to hear and the Seaboard lets me create it. It really is that intuitive to me. I know others will differ. It is a Marmite instrument in many ways!

It’s fun to see faces in the audience when I rip a convincing guitar solo on the Seaboard!

As to the Blocks series… Hmm… Less said the better. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: