Roland XV5080 VST3 Crashes Cantabile everytime

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Is anyone else having issues with this VST3? I have submitted many crash reports but it’s still crashing in 4062. Last worked in 4056 ish.

XV5080 is not alone. Lately I have to use the VST2 version of AmpliTube 5, maybe it’s always been that way on this computer. One of these days I’ll look into why.

Hmmm. I upgraded everything to VST3, but am starting to regret it. And a bit of work to roll it all back to VST2 with all the presets. Seeming like maybe VST3 is not ‘fully cooked’. :slight_smile:

I’d call that an understatement!! :slight_smile:

All the Roland products I own or have had use of when I was a full-tier member of Roland Cloud have been hogs. I’m fed up with Roland, frankly.



I have the Roland XV5080 and the D50 VST3s. The only time I have issues with these plug-ins is when I haven’t logged into the Roland Cloud for awhile. Apparantly you have to log-in to Roland Cloud once a month on the computer you are using the plug-ins on for them to reactivate and sound (and in my experience), respond correctly.

Happy to say my issue has been fixed in 4063. There is an issue with these Roland plugins and Brad managed to find a workaround in the software. Thank you Brad.

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