Roland XV5080 VST3 Crashes Cantabile everytime

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Is anyone else having issues with this VST3? I have submitted many crash reports but it’s still crashing in 4062. Last worked in 4056 ish.

XV5080 is not alone. Lately I have to use the VST2 version of AmpliTube 5, maybe it’s always been that way on this computer. One of these days I’ll look into why.

Hmmm. I upgraded everything to VST3, but am starting to regret it. And a bit of work to roll it all back to VST2 with all the presets. Seeming like maybe VST3 is not ‘fully cooked’. :slight_smile:

I’d call that an understatement!! :slight_smile:

All the Roland products I own or have had use of when I was a full-tier member of Roland Cloud have been hogs. I’m fed up with Roland, frankly.