Roland RP-3 Continuous to Momentary Converter Rack

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Hi All,

This is a sort of specialty rack. I used an RD800 and now have the RD2000 and both had the RP-3 3 pedal unit with the continuous controllers. Some of my racks require a old style momentary switch action from the sustain and other foot pedal switches. The RP-3 was throwing a wrench in the works so I made a rack that converts the continuous inputs of CC 64, 66 and 67 to switch style outputs. There is a muxed all CC’s output and separate states to isolate any one switch. You just route through it on the way to your target, the other CC messages are properly passed through. You could also put it in the background rack and loop it back to your Main Keyboard input to make it global. It requires C3 Performer to work.

RD2000-RP-3 Pedal Converter.cantabileRack (120.4 KB)