Roland RD2000 Control Rack

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Hi All,

If you have a Roland Rd2000 then here is a control rack for the hardware built entirely with Cantabile Professional 3. There is a great temp buffer editor for this rig by Stuart Pryer here

It is very detailed but because of the software design there are no librarians for this keyboard to allow parameter saving in a PC environment because the RD2000 has poor ‘bidi’ support for sysex. So I used Cantabile to do that task on a very usable level but not as detailed as Stuarts’ but with the ability to add more detail if wished. As a result of using Cantabile the Rack parameters are savable in the Cantabile Song files and provide a pseudo librarian so I can store RD2000 settings that way and recall and send them to the unit. Below are the instruction videos and the rack. It turned out to a sys-ex whopper of a project as far as stretching the C♪3 vehicle and my old mind. @brad even made some nice Roland specific filters for the sysex to clean code up and has my deepest thanks for his help. Here it is …

RD2000 Control Rack Install & Introduction

RD2000 Control Tone Mode 1

RD2000 Control Tone Mode 2 Layers

RD2000 Control Tone Mode 3 Zone Levels, Master FX and Sends

RD2000 Control Tone Mode master EQ

RD2000 Tone Mode Zone FX&Tremolo

RD2000 Control Tone Mode Zone Split

RD2000 Control Master and Zone Transpose

RD2000 Saving a Program to Memory and naming and renaming them

Master Volume Lock

RP3 Pedal convertor

Here is the Rack

RD 2000 (391.6 KB)

I have been using this for several months and I am happy so far but as always there may be bugs I haven’t uncovered. Thanks for your interest and I hope you enjoy it :grinning:




I once did all the research to control my Kawai K5000s using the Peavey 1600x slider box, all done by sending sysex. Now you have me wanting to do it again using Cantabile!!!

Awesome piece of work, Dave! I truly appreciate what all went into this.


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Terry that’s very cool! I checked that Korg unit out on the nets and it looks very interesting, I hope you get around to a creation when possible. Thanks for the kind comments, I’m glad it’s out there as an example of other things you can do with Cantabile and take a place with all the Control Surface, lighting and automation tools others have made.


Amazingly awesome Dave!!

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Hey Dave that’s great, you make me want to buy an RD-2000. Too bad I recently bought a couple of SL88

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Thanks Paulo,

I’ve not regretted the purchase, it’s got a lot of pluses for what I’m doing in performance. I use it as a MIDI controller & standalone as a full backup in the event of a laptop mishap that axes Cantabile. I can just turn up the master volume on the RD2000 and carry on till I can get a break to get back right again. I use the rack to sync the PG changes from song to song in addition to using it as a program editor when I’m in patch creation mode.


Thanks for chiming in Corky. The toil of a shut in I suppose but I really enjoyed making it over the period it took. :grin:


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I started an extraction of my controllers after Terry’s great online class on it, but still had to watch the video several times. By the time I really got elbow deep into it, the gig/rehearsal calls started. Been crazy busy since. Hopefully, I will get it finished sometime this year. :roll_eyes:



Thanks, Dave! Proof yet again that not all heroes wear capes. Or maybe you do, a la Rick Wakeman! :smiley:

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