Roland PK-5 pedal board problem?

Hello all,

When I press and release a single key on my PK-5 the MIDI monitor shows two notes on, two notes off that are one octave apart as in (G1) (G0) note on, (G1) (G0) note off. I can hear the octaves being played.

The PK-5 is being used with the default setting, “Bass” on MIDI channel 01. The MIDI input in C3 is assigned to my ASIO interface. Selecting OMNI or any one channel makes no difference. In a brand new song the PK-5 input is connected to one piano plugin. Switching plugins produced the same result. If I disconnect everything and only run the pedals to my keyboard it works fine.

It’s no doubt something really simple but I’m stumped at the moment. Anyone have an idea of what might be wrong?

My guess: you have two MIDI routes feeding the plugin (or whatever) that you’re bringing up the monitor on?

Try right clicking the MIDI port in the Monitor Side panel (View menu -> Side Panel -> Monitor) and bring up the MIDI monitor for the incoming port and see if you’re getting the duplicate events there.

Same result.

Found the problem. The PK-5 has an octave parameter that I wasn’t aware of. Thanks for the help troubleshooting @brad.

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