Roland JV1080 and SRX Plugin Volume

Has anyone noticed a low volume on these plugs? When plug is cranked to the max, I still have to boost 2X more than other plugs.

Hmm, not a huge difference here. Pretty similar to XPand!2 and Addictive Keys preset patches; M1 is a bit louder.

I compared some standard piano patches: JV1080 comes in at around -3dB peak and -16dB RMS, similar to Xpand and Addictive Keys. M1 comes to -10 dB RMS and touches just under 0 dB peak.




Good. Thanks so much for the comparison Torsten. Now that I know it isn’t the plug, I can concentrate on my apparent goof. :wink:

Probably age related …

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More than likely. :smiley: A lot of things are nowadays.