Roland Juno 6 replacement

So much for replacing my Juno 6 from eBay …

Sounds Pretty convincing to me.

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I loved how he couldn’t help himself but to resolve the riff at 1:23!

Yes, this is quite an impressive emulation alright!

(BTW, I’m messing around with the vintage stuff from Roland Cloud during its demo and am really liking what I am hearing there as well.)


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I forgot all about Roland cloud. I think I’ve blown my month on nothing :frowning:

They have a freebie version of this that doesn’t sound bad at all. Looks like they’ve beefed it up. What does it cost?

Less than $70 US likely

I have the tal-u-no-62 and like it but I think this is better.
You probably need to be a Juno fan though.

How come the triads he plays from 1.04 are only sounding 2 notes on the plugin?

He’s not using cantabile???

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Juno 6 was the synth that started me on my journey in the early 80s. I still have one in my rig (and a 106). Will check out this video later on when I’m in my studio. I’ve heard good things about this plugin from others.
On a related note, don’t fall for the claims about the supposed sonic difference between the 6/60 and the 106. There’s nothing in it to my ears.
The 106 has a stepped HPF (as does the 60) and in its lowest position, it actually adds low end boost. The 6 has a continuously variable HPF and at its lowest setting is flat. The 106 HPF must be set to the second lowest notch for flat response. At that position, the 6 and 106 sound pretty much identical.
Advantages of the 6 over the 106 is the arpeggiator, simultaneous chorus 1 & 2 and the continuously variable HPF.
Advantages of the 106 over the 6 is the patch memory, MIDI, portamento mode and unison voice selector. When in unison, if the portamento control is on and set to a very fast response (but not instant) the stacked voices sound MUCH bigger and have a more random sync between the DCOs.

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